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We Specialize in Apple/MAC Repair at affordable and competitive prices!

BRENTWOOD MAC OR PC REPAIR FOR DESKTOP AND LAPTOPSApple Mac Pro Computer Desktop Repair agoura hills

We provide reliable and affordable MAC or PC computer repair and computer networking, laptop parts replacement, desktop parts replacement, virus / Trojan / Spyware removal and many more. We can install and repair computers either MAC or PC, build a computer network to fit your needs, organize your files, connect you to the Internet, enhance your security and set up backup systems.

We can also provide good equipment at fair prices and support it, and handle private or wide area networks on any version of Windows, Linux or Novell, plus firewalls, routers and most software packages. We've been working with computers since 1997 and with a proven track record of 500+ clients, our aim is to make your computers do what you want them to do at affordable prices.

We offer house calls or we'll pick up your computer and bring it back to you after we fix it. We will give you a hand written estimate on the spot or we'll give you a quote on the phone for the service. Give us a call and we'll try to help you out as much as we can over the phone.

Sorry, but we don't do sales. We only provide affordable and reliable MAC or PC Repair on hardware or software issues. We do screen replacements lower than Apple's price. We offer hard drive replacements, data recovery, DVD-CD replacement, Logic board replacement, and more.


Apple Classic, Quadra, Centris, Performas Repair

Apple PowerMac G5 Desktop Towers Repair

Apple PowerBook Portable Laptops Repair

Apple iBook G3 Laptop Portable Computer Repair

128K, 512K, 512Ke




II, IIx, IIfx


IIcx, IIci, Quadra 700

IIvx, IIvi, Performa 600

Macintosh TV

Classic, Classic II, Performa 200

Color Classic Color Classic II, Performa 275

LC, LC II, LC III, LC475, Quadra605

LC 520, 550, 575

LC 580, Performa 580CD

Quadra 610, Centris 610, WS 60

Quadra 630; LC630, DOS: Perf 640-DOS

Quadra 650, Centris 650

Quadra 660AV, Centris 660AV

Quadra 700, 800, WS 80

Quadra 840AV

Quadra 900, 950, WS 95

Performa 400 Series

Performa 500 Series

Performa 630 Series

Apple Macbook AIR Laptop Repair

PowerMac G5

PowerMac G5 (Liquid Cooled)

PowerMac G5 Dual Core

PowerMac G5 Quad

Apple iMac G3 Desktop Repair

iMac (Original Bondi Blue)

iMac Multi-Colored 266,333

iMac, iMacDV, DV SE

iMac, iMacDV, iMacDV+, iMacDV se

iMac G3 Slot Loading

Apple iMac G4 Desktop Repair

iMac G4 15 inch Flat Panel

iMac G4 17 inch Flat Panel

iMac G4 20 inch Flat Panel

Apple iMac G5 Desktop Repair

iMac G5 17 inch

iMac G5 20 inch

iMac G5 17 inch w/iSight Camera

iMac G5 20 inch w/iSight Camera

Apple Macbook Laptop Repair

Macbook 13" 1.83Ghz (Core Duo)

Macbook 13" 1.83Ghz (Core 2 Duo)

Macbook 13" 2Ghz (Core Duo)

Macbook 13" 2Ghz (C2D, Late 2006)

Macbook 13" 2Ghz (C2D, Mid 2007)

Macbook 13" 2.16Ghz (Core 2 Duo)

Macbook 13" 2Ghz (Santa Rosa)

Macbook 13" 2.2Ghz (Santa Rosa)

Macbook 13" 2.1Ghz (Penryn)

Macbook 13" 2.4Ghz (Penryn)

Macbook 13" 2Ghz (Unibody)

Macbook 13" 2.4Ghz (Unibody)

PowerBook 100

PowerBook 140, 145, 145B, 170

PowerBook 150

PowerBook 160, 165, 180

PowerBook 165c, 180c

PowerBook 190 Series

PB 190 - 5300 Series

PowerBook Duo 200 Series

PowerBook Duo MiniDock

PowerBook Duo Dock Series

PB Duo System Accessories

PowerBook 500 Series

PowerBook 550c

PowerBook 1400c/cs

PowerBook Duo 2300

PowerBook Duo 2300 Upgrade

PowerBook 2400c

PowerBook 5300 (c & ce)

PowerBook 3400c

Apple MAC PRO Repair

Apple Mac Pro 8-Core or Quad Core

Apple Macbook Pro 17" Laptop Repair

Macbook Pro 17"

- 2.16Ghz (core Duo)

- 2.33Ghz (core 2 Duo)

- 2.4Ghz (Santa Rosa)

- 2.6Ghz (Santa Rosa)

- 2.5Ghz (Penryn)

- 2.6Ghz (Penryn)

iBook G3 Colored Clamshell

iBook G3 Colored Clamshell SE

iBook G3 2001-2003 (White)

iBook G3 14.1 inch screen

Apple iBook G4 Laptop Repair

iBook G4 12 inch

iBook G4 14 inch

iBook G4 12 inch DDR Bluetooth

iBook G4 14 inch DDR Bluetooth

Apple Macbook Pro 15" Laptop Repair

Macbook Pro 15"

- 1.83Ghz (Core Duo)

- 2Ghz (Core Duo)

- 2.16Ghz (Core Duo)

- 2.16Ghz (Core 2 Duo)

- 2.33Ghz (Core 2 Duo)

- 2.2Ghz (Santa Rosa)

- 2.4Ghz (Santa Rosa)

- 2.6Ghz (Santa Rosa)

- 2.4Ghz (Penryn)

- 2.5Ghz (Penryn)

- 2.6Ghz (Penryn)

- 2.4Ghz (Unibody)

- 2.53Ghz (Unibody)

- 2.8Ghz (Unibody)

We also repair the following brands: DELL, TOSHIBA, IBM, COMPAQ, HP, ACER, SONY, LENOVO AND MORE...

Apple PowerBook G3 Laptop Portable Repair

PC Desktop and Laptop Repair

Apple Powermac G4 Desktop Tower Repair

Apple MacMini Desktop Repair

PowerBook G3

PowerBook G3 Series (Wallstreet)

PowerBook G3 Series (Lombard)

PowerBook G3 FireWire (Pismo)

PowerBook G3 DVD-Video PC Card

PC Desktop Repair Los Angeles

Powermac Apple Mac Repair Los Angeles

MacMini G4 (early & late 2005)

MacMini Intel Core Solo & Duo

MacMini Intel 1.83Ghz Combo

MacMini Intel 2.0Ghz SuperDrive

Apple eMac Desktop Computer Repair

Apple PowerMac G4 Desktop Repair

Apple PowerBook G4 Laptop Computer Repair

Apple iMac Intel Core Duo Desktop Repair

eMac (2002)

eMac (2003)

eMac (2004)

eMac (2005)

Apple PowerMac G3  Repair

G3 Beige Desktop,

G3 Beige Minitower

G3 Beige All in One

G3 Blue and White Tower

PowerMac G4 Yikes(PCI) (300/350/400/450mhz)

PowerMac G4 Sawtooth(AGP) (400/450/450DP/466/500/500DP/ 533/533DP)

PowerMac G4 Quicksilver (667/733/800/800DP/867/933/ 1ghzDP)

PowerMac G4 Mirror Drive Door (2002-2003)

PowerBook G4 Titanium

PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet)

PowerBook G4 (DVI)

PowerBook G4, 12 inch

PowerBook G4, 15 inch

PowerBook G4, 17 inch

PowerBook G4 15 inch Bluetooth/DDR-2/High Resolution

PowerBook G4 17 inch Bluetooth/DDR-2/High Resolution and more...

Apple iMac Intel Core Duo 17 inch

Apple iMac Intel Core Duo 20 inch

Apple Intel iMac 2.0ghz 20"

Apple Intel iMac 2.4Ghz 20"

Apple Intel iMac 2.4Ghz 24"
Apple Intel iMac 2.8Ghz 20" and more...

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We fix both Mac or PC

Apple Mac Repair in Agoura Hills

PC Windows XP Vista Pro Business Repair in Agoura Hills

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Note: We do house calls or we will pick up your Mac or PC Computer, fix it and bring it back to you at an affordable rate. Drop off locations available. Please call to schedule a drop off.


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